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Strawberry Cough

As one of the first strains most smokers remember, our Strawberry Cough is a step above the rest. The sweet

Sunset Gelato

A blend of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC (f.k.a. Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies), Gelato is a potent deliverer of restfulness and euphoria. Sweet, pungent, flowery scents bring creativity.  91.3%Total THC
Verify Lab results here

Triple Scoops

Flower Indica
THC/A: 30.37%
CBD/A: 0.22%

Uzumaki – SATIVA

Flower Sativa
THC/A: 26.19%


A deliciously sweet combination of Watermelon with hints of cucumber, this refreshing hybrid will keep you puff puff passing. During

Wedding Cake

THC 89.7% Big Chief Wedding cake is a powerful indica hybrid cannabis oil cart that is achieved by breeding the famous Cherry pie strain with Girl Scout cookies. Verify Lab Results here