Apple Jack

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Cannabinoids Mass (%) Mass (mg/g)
Δ9-THC 89.4% 893.6 mg/g


About Apple Jack large cheifs Flavor

Apple Jack Big cheifs flavor, as you may expect, is an amazingly heavenly bud that offers something. Other than a shrewdness name and sparkling outside. One of the top Dutch raisers and especially searched for after cultivators in the Netherlands. The blend of Jack Herer and White Widow make this strain of broadly extraordinary characteristics an indeed powerful high.

Regardless of the way that the THC on this isn’t particularly high. The ideal concordance among sativa and indica makes it a charming strain for its remarkable effects. The buds are thick and green with splendid and red proposals.

This is one of those buds that is genuinely focused. So if you have an endeavor you’ve been critical to finish or an arrangement for the day moving toward overhead, at the present time is an ideal chance. These buds go down smooth and will cause them to feel that amazing cerebral flood after just one hit.

Apple Jack Big cheifs flavor

For any person who encounters a perspective or thought issues, for instance, stress, debilitation, bipolar, or ADHD, this strain offers you the ability to streamline your insights and let hostility fall by the wayside.

You’ll feel enlivened, yet free, making it ideal for indications of the above hardships. Considering its incredibly energetic nature. This is an unimaginable strain for anyone encountering unending shortcomings or clinical exhaustion. The CBD levels of this strain are too low to even think about night consider estimating and therefore. It isn’t recommended for any person who requires CBD for treatment.

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