Napalm OG

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Cannabinoids Mass (%) Mass (mg/g)
Δ9-THC 88.9% 889.2 mg/g


Napalm OG Big Chief Extracts

What is Napalm Og Big chief carts?

Napalm OG is a hybrid strain. It’s a result of the cross between Tahoe Alien and Alien Kush. It comes from Afghanistan. Napalm OG has a THC range of 18-20%. The THC is very high making experienced smokers take this strain as the number one choice.

Napalm OG Big Chief is strong enough.

The strength of the cart is supper strong. When this cartridge is compared to other carts in the States, it is the strongest of them all.
There is a high chance that if you go to the shop to buy a big chief extract you’d pick Napalm OG.
The reason being because the hardware hits good and hard. Secondly, there is also a high THC percentage in the oil of one gram. It’s either 80-90%. You can even put the chief cart in a CCELL cartridge to see if it is strong. The hardware is obviously good and the oil is also as strong compared to other brands.

What does Napalm OG’s big chief cart taste like?

it has a fruity taste, spicy, earthy, sour, and a mixture of pine and pepper that can cause cough.

Effects of Napalm OG chief extracts

It offers a happy, uplifting cerebral high and psychoactive components that are quite on the mild side.
This cannabis oil relieves you from anxiety and stress, makes you comfortable in feelings. Napalm can help you ease your pain, resulting in a mild sedative effect.
It is good to take at night before bedtime as it enhances sleep and makes you sleep comfortably.

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