Sour Diesel

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Cannabinoids Mass (%) Mass (mg/g)
Δ9-THC 89.8% 898.0 mg/g


Big Chief Sour Diesel

Big Chief Sour Diesel is a sativa dominant strain that is made by crossing Chemdawg and Super Skunk. The THC content of this cannabis oil is within the range of 19-25% providing a very potent high.

Small amounts of myrcene, pinene, and limonene terpenes add a citrus scent and flavor to the strain as well. The notorious diesel fuel smell is where the strain derives its name from and makes it easy to tell if you are dealing with the unmistakable strain.

Effects & High: How Does Sour Diesel Make You Feel?

As a sativa dominant strain, big chief sour diesel gives you an uplift in energy. You’ll hardly cough when you inhale this cannabis oil. With this energy comes with it the desire to be on your feet and moving.

The euphoric, happy, and motivating strain is awesome for recreational use and medical use as well. You’ll have a feeling of unwinding and relaxation when Sour Diesel hits your system. It elevate your appetite and helps you enjoy a delicious meal, watching an entertaining film. Sour diesel can boost your creativity, making an incredible choice for artists. The powerful high doesn’t obstruct your reasoning capacities yet rather assists with empowering and propel you in a more joyful state than previously.


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